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My son Maxim was only 3 years old when he was flipping through encyclopedias at home and showing interest in the people inside, as well as who discovered, invented and achieved what. This prompted me to look for fun and educational games on the market for people who have changed the world. It turned out that there were no such games.


Driven by the need to give Maxim more knowledge in a fun and accessible way for children, the idea for the "OTIMO memory game" project was born.


The thought that I could create something for early childhood children really captured me and I started working on the project very seriously. I was faced with many questions, from how the game should look to how to make it fun and educational at the same time. It is very important that it is also interesting for parents. I started experimenting with different options. Maxim and his friends helped me understand if they were accessible enough for them.


This is how the game gradually took shape. "OTIMO HAPPY GAMES" tell about people who, despite difficulties, illnesses, racial segregation, gender discrimination, lack of love and care in early childhood, have continued to dream and believe. For example, Thomas Edison's mother, who, despite the claims of his teachers that her child was mentally retarded, believed in him, put a lot of effort into his development, and thus determined his life as a genius.


The first series of "OTIMO HAPPY GAMES" is aimed at SCIENTISTS who have changed the world - Isaac Newton, Marie Curie, Louis Pasteur and others. I carefully selected interesting and curious facts about them so as not to bore the children with too many details (like most encyclopedias). The goal is for children to learn about their short stories in a game format. I believe that this would greatly influence their view of the world around us.




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