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A Fun and Educational Approach to Learning about Food Groups

OTIMO HAPPY FOOD is a game that presents a fun and educational approach to teaching children about the six basic food groups. With its cards, each representing a different food group, the game is designed to make it easy for children to understand the importance of a diverse and balanced diet.


Discovering the World of Food:


Diversity and Healthy Eating:

Our game is not only entertaining but also turns learning about food groups into an exciting adventure. OTIMO HAPPY FOOD presents each food group through fun and vibrant illustrations, allowing children to become familiar with different types of food and their importance for health.

The game encourages children to discover and learn about the diversity of food, while also offering them a framework for balanced eating. Card by card, they will learn about the importance of each food group for their health and development.


Building Healthy Habits:

We believe that what is learned through play will form the basis for future food preferences. OTIMO HAPPY FOOD aims to encourage children to make informed food choices and develop healthy habits, further supporting parents in this important area.


Accessible Learning at Home:

The game has a unique approach to education, allowing parents to participate in their children's learning process. OTIMO HAPPY FOOD is not only fun but also becomes a part of family moments, where valuable learning opportunities are created.


Immerse Yourself in the World of Food:

With OTIMO HAPPY FOOD, we invite children to immerse themselves in the magical world of food and discover the diversity and benefits of each of the food groups. Let's build healthy eating habits together and transform learning into an exciting adventure!

Summer Food Pattern

Dear friends, our OTIMO FOOD cards hide a little secret! 🕵️‍♂️ If you manage to discover it, you will receive a whole 20% discount on your next cards! Are you ready for the challenge? Let the game begin! 🎉🔍

Download additional material

Add to the experience by downloading our coloring pages and Find OTIMO

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Screenshot 2024-02-19 154825.png
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